Coaching Programs

Several programs are available so you can find the right fit for YOU. Click any of the titles below to learn more.
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Monthly subscription: $199/mo

A mastermind designed for women who balance it all. This monthly membership into group coaching gives you access to weekly coaching calls with Molly, Q&A, a community of like minded women to help grow and evolve with, monthly guest speakers, tools and techniques to build confidence and success, as well as entry into higher level private coaching programs.

6-week program: $2,000

What is Time Line Therapy and how can I benefit? Simply put, we all have “stuff”, “baggage”, or cycles that prevent us from the life we wish to live. Have you ever had a small thing trigger a big emotion? Sure, we all have. In fact, we sabotage our lives quite often by not healing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs from childhood/earlier in life. Enter… Time Line Therapy

Time Line therapy allows us to:

  • Let go of negative emotions from the past
  • Let go of limiting decisions from the past
  • Create our future the way we want it

12-week program: $3,000

In this “tailored for you” program we look at fixed vs. growth mindset and what that really means. How different would life be if you saw each challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow? What if, instead of seeing uncontrollable circumstances happening to you, you saw them happening for you? As we work through challenges and toward goals, I will show you how to reframe your thoughts in a way that gets you closer to your personal and professional vision – faster and with more ease.

12-week program: $4,500

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Have you ever asked yourself how you are still dealing with the same issues in relationships 20 years later? Perhaps despite all of your hard work, your business still hasn’t taken off. Or, maybe you find yourself still yelling at your kids instead of making progress and are faced with the inevitable mom guilt. Sound familiar?

In order to get different results, we must first be willing to take different actions. That starts with a strong foundation. In the first few weeks of this program, you can expect transformational TLT sessions to move you out of your stuck patterns and cycles by releasing triggers and core emotions.
In these one on one, outcome based sessions, you can expect:

  • Clarity on your vision, purpose, and values
  • More confidence
  • Strengthened personality traits
  • Increased productivity
  • Build better habits
  • Overcome obstacles faster
  • Improved communication and presentation skills
  • Releasing negative emotions that have held you back
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Stronger leadership capabilities
  • Problem solving skills
  • Freedom and choice over your thoughts
  • Developing stronger and healthier relationships
  • Achieving greater success in negotiation and sales

Ladies! Life's too short to feel unworthy. afraid. stressed. anxious. uncertain.

There is a Better way!